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Terms of use

Welcome to Misty!


Misty is a membership platform that enables creators to be rewarded by their followers or fans.

These are Misty’s terms of use, and they apply to all users of the Misty platform. “Company”, "We", "our", "us" refers to Misty Corp. and our subsidiaries. “Misty” refers to this platform and the services offered by us.

By signing in or using Misty you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully and let us know if you have any questions. For information about our data practices, please see our Privacy Policy. We can collect and use your information in accordance with those policies.

I. Usage Agreement

① Users under 18 years old cannot use Misty service.

② The User Agreement shall apply for membership by the person who wishes to become a member (hereinafter "Applicant") completes the procedure of entering the user's e-mail address, ID, and nickname information when the service client is first executed, and the "Company" applies to such application. It is concluded by approval.

③ In principle, the Company will accept the use of the Service for the applicant. However, the Company may not approve the application falling under each of the following subparagraph or may terminate the use contract afterwards.

1. If the applicant has previously lost membership in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

(Except when the company's consent to re-membership is obtained)

2. In case of using another person's name

3. If you provide false information or fail to provide information provided by the Company

4. If the application is impossible due to the fault attributable to the user or violates all other regulations

④ The Company may withhold approval if there is no room for service-related facilities, or if there is a technical or business problem.

⑤ In the case of not accepting or withholding the application for membership in accordance with Clause 2, the Company shall, in principle, notify the applicant of the subscription.

⑥ The company can take measures against members because it is a restriction on use in order to protect the youth according to the laws of each country.

II. Services

① The company provides the following services to its members.

1. Internet (mobile / web / application) Misty Service

2. Social network content sharing service

3. Any service provided by the other company to the member through further development or partnership agreement with other company

② The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of "Services" in the event of maintenance, replacement, or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, loss of communication, or significant reasons for operation. In this case, the Company shall notify the "Member" in the manner specified in Article 8 [Notification of "Member"]. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the Company cannot notify in advance, it can be notified after the fact.

③ The Company may conduct regular inspections as necessary for the provision of services, and the regular inspection time will be in accordance with the notice on the service provision screen.

III. Copyright of the Post (Content)

① Copyright of all contents posted by the member within the service is protected by the copyright law of the relevant country, and copyright and other intellectual property rights of the work created by the company belong to the company.

② The Member shall permit the Company to use all the contents posted within the Service for the following purposes at home and abroad.

1. Resize, simplify, or use and store posts to use the posts within the Services (including when they are provided within a certain area of ​​a site or media operated by Misty's partners or third parties). , Reproduce, modify, transmit, disclose, publicly perform, publicly publish and distribute, create derivative works, and provide a worldwide and permanent license to authorize other users to use.

2. The reproduction, transmission and display of posts on other sites operated by the company. However, this does not apply if the member does not agree to the reproduction, transmission or exhibition of the post.

③ Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the Company uses posts for commercial purposes (for example, when providing posts to third parties and receiving financial payments, etc.) in addition to the purposes described in the preceding paragraphs, telephone, e-mail, etc. Get your consent in the way. In this case, the company will provide a separate compensation to the member.

④ Posting a member's posts on the service means that other members have allowed the posts to be used within the service or used by the company as search results.

⑤ If the member terminates the use contract or the use contract is terminated under Article 7, the post posted by the member to the service will be deleted. However, posts necessary for the normal use of other members' services, such as those posted in public services, will not be deleted, so please delete them in advance.

⑥ The Company may change, transfer, consolidate or pre-share the posts without changing the contents of the posts in the case of the service operation policy or the integration between the sites operated by the Company. If the service is changed, the service will be notified in advance when moving, changing, consolidating or sharing the service.

IV. Donation, Refund, Currency Exchange

① Members can purchase M-Star, a paid virtual item, in the service.

② It is two years from the date of purchase of M-Star purchased by the member and the receipt of M-Star or donation. The license expires after the expiration of the period.

③ The refunded M-Star will not be refunded only if the member is donated to the refunded member.

④ Refunds are not possible if there are 10 or less M-Stars who wish to be refunded or you withdraw from the service.

⑤ If you have a problem with Misty who received an M-Star due to the theft report, you can exchange money only when you are certified. Because of the theft problem, it may be possible for the Misty to claim damages, so the company may ask Misty to confirm the identity of the person.

⑥ If the user is a minor (under 19 years old), the virtual item must obtain the consent of the legal representative (parent, etc.) before payment to purchase the M-star. You cannot use M-Star purchase unless you have the consent of the legal representative in accordance with the procedures established by the company. If a minor member purchases goods without the consent of his / her legal representative, he or she may cancel it.

V. Usage Period of the Post (Content)

① The member becomes the donor level by providing M-Star, a virtual item, to Misty. The duration of the rating is determined by Misty.

② The member shall be given the right to view the hidden post to the corresponding donor level and may view the hidden post for 30 days.

③ Even if you don't post Misty's new hidden post despite the 30-day hidden post, you can't request a new hidden post from Misty.

VI. Prohibited Acts

The company respects the freedom of expression and privacy of its members as much as possible. However, you are obligated to follow the laws of your country of residence. You may not directly or indirectly do any of the following while using the Service:

① Posting, providing, or delivering publicly (disclosed) the contents determined by the member for the following purposes:

1. Posts that promote damage to an individual or a specific group, and various unreasonable discrimination, prejudice, racism, hate, harassment, etc.

2. Postings that violate, infringe, use, or steal a third party's patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, moral rights, portrait rights, or privacy rights;

3. Posts that are fraudulent, deceptive, deceptive or deceptive and that have nothing to do with the purpose of the service

4. Posts that are defamatory or accompanied by illegal content

5. Posts that portray obscene appearances or behavior

6. Posts that are violent, offensive, intimidating or intimidating others

7. Posts that encourage or encourage illegal activities

8. Posts that drive commercial advertising and promotion

9. Postings that violate the laws of the country in which the member resides

② Posting, providing, and delivering the contents deemed by the member to 'Hidden Post'

③ Modify, reproduce, distribute, transmit, post, execute, reproduce, publish, authorize, recreate, transmit, sell, sell, or otherwise reproduce, all content, posts, software and other intellectual property provided by the Company without written permission in writing. Resale

④ Use, post or duplicate any registered information such as programs, applications, Misty's names, trademarks, logos, etc. provided through the Company's services, and designs provided on the service page or service page without written permission.

⑤ Access, abnormal changes, or use of the company's computer systems, service programs or unpublished service pages.

⑥ Scanning and investigating defects in the company's network and systems, or infringing or destroying authentication and security systems

⑦ To circumvent, circumvent, remove, deactivate, damage, or confuse or otherwise circumvent any technical measures established by the Company or a third party service provider for the purpose of providing this service securely for security reasons.

⑧ Access, monitor, search, copy, download and scrap the contents, programs and software of the Service for any purpose using a program engine, tools, agents, devices and spyware.

⑨ Acts that harm or interfere with the contents and programs of the Service for the purpose of personal benefit or interest, or cause abnormal overloads on the server of the service, etc.

⑩ Sends various advertisements, junk and spam emails without the approval of the company and members

⑪ The act of applying various meta tags, meta data, etc. to Misty's trademarks, logos and URLs without the Company's written permission.

⑫ Use this service and program in ways not approved by these Terms and Conditions for the benefit of various commercial advertisements and third parties.

⑬ Forge TCP / IP packet header or various header information and use it for this service program such as e-mail or posting.

⑭ Disassemble, disassemble, decompile or decode various programs, software, sites and contents provided by the Service.

⑮ Interfere with user's access or network by using virus, abnormal system overload, spam mail, etc.

⑯ Collect and store personally identifiable information from this service without individual approval.

⑰ The use of this service by stealing other's personal information

⑱ Using this service as a person who has been confirmed as a sex offender

⑲ If the company's acts are clearly determined to be prohibited through the self-monitoring, the company may take actions such as deleting posts without notifying the members. In the case of ②, only posts made through the member's report will be deleted if it is determined to be prohibited. If the act of ① is reported through the member's report in the chat room, if it is clearly determined that the act is prohibited, the blocking measures will be taken.

⑳ If any other activity is found to be in violation of this Agreement or that is clearly detrimental to the Service, the Company may block such access from the Service without prior notice. Accounts that have been reported hijacked can only be received when they are authenticated. In addition, accounts that have been found to be hijacked will be discontinued for M-star exchange and the refund will be refunded.

VII. Notice to Members

① If the company notifies the member, it can be an e-mail address or e-mail in the service unless otherwise specified in this agreement.

② The Company may replace the notice in Paragraph 1 by posting on the company's website or the notice screen within the service for more than 7 days.

VIII. Company Duty

① The company does not violate the laws and regulations of the relevant country where the member resides, or contravenes the morals and strives to provide the service continuously and stably.

② The Company shall do its best to avoid violating the freedom of expression of its members.

③ The company will do its best to protect the privacy of its members.

④ The company shall have a security system for the protection of personal information so that members can use the service safely, and disclose and comply with the privacy policy.

⑤ The Company shall deal with any opinions or complaints raised by its members regarding the use of the Service if it is justified. Any comments or complaints raised by the member will be forwarded to the member through e-mail or e-mail.

IX. Cancel a Contract

① Members can apply for termination of the contract at any time through the "Withdrawal of membership" screen in the service, and the company shall immediately deal with it according to the laws of the relevant country where the member lives.

② If the member who cancels his / her membership is Misty who has a contract relationship showing donor, hidden post, and ask, account deletion will be completed three weeks after the membership withdrawal.

③ When a member terminates the contract, all data of the member will be destroyed immediately upon termination except when the company holds the member information according to the related laws and privacy policy.

X. Limitation of Liability

① If the company cannot provide the service due to natural disaster or force majeure, the company shall be exempted from responsibility for providing the service.

② The Company shall not be liable for any obstacles to the use of the Service due to the Member's fault.

③ The Company shall not be responsible for the contents of the information, data, facts, reliability, accuracy, etc. posted by the member in relation to the service.

④ The company shall be exempted from the responsibility for the transaction if the transaction is made between the members or between the member and the third party through the service.

⑤ The Company shall not be responsible for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there is a special provision in the relevant laws of the country where the member resides.

⑥ The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for the contents and quality of the products or services advertised by third parties through the service screen or linked websites.

⑦ The Company and its employees and agents are not responsible for any damages arising from the following.

1. Damages resulting from false or inaccurate member status information

2. Personal damages arising from the access to and use of the service, regardless of its nature and circumstances.

3. Damages arising from any illegal access of the third party to the server or illegal use of the server.

4. Damages arising out of any unlawful interference or interruption by a third party of transmissions to or from the server.

5. Damages caused by any viruses, spyware and other malicious programs that have been transmitted, distributed, or transmitted illegally by third parties using the Services;

6. Damages caused by errors, omissions, omissions, or destruction of transmitted data

7. Various civil and civil liability due to defamation or other illegal acts arising during registration of member status information and use of services

⑧ In spite of efforts to comply with the law of the country where the member resides, the Company shall apply these Terms of Use to the priority of Maryland law regardless of the conflict of law provisions.

XI. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

If you are a consumer, the laws of your country of residence apply to all claims, reasons for claim or disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms (“claims”), and that you have jurisdiction over which you have jurisdiction for the claim. You can resolve this charge at In all other cases, the Member agrees that the claim shall be exclusively settled in the United States. The Member is subject to the jurisdiction of one of the District Courts of Maryland or one of the state courts located in Montgomery County for the purposes of litigation of the claim, and Maryland law applies to these Terms and Conditions and all claims, whether or not there is a conflict of law provisions. It's possible.

XII. Company Contact

The company's business name, address and other contact information are as follows:

① Company: Misty Link LLC

② Company Address : 7761 Diamondback Drive College Park, MD 20742

③ Customer Center: support@mistylink.com